We Clean & Get All Things Intact

Decluttering, Cleaning, Organizing & Design Services in the New York City Area

At InTak Inc., we specialize in providing decluttering, cleaning, organizing and design services for commercial and residential properties in the New York City area. We realize every business or home has unique needs when it comes to maintenance, cleaning and interior design.

That's why we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, providing an organized and meticulous approach to ensure the job is done with excellence!

Our team is committed to maintaining the highest standards in their work, to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you need to declutter your space, clean it up, organize or give it a total design makeover, we're here to help.

Insured & Bonded Staff

We have bonded and insured employees providing a thoroughness that is second to none so you can have peace of mind. Our Specialists are passionate about helping our clients achieve their vision. 

Intak Inc.

Customer Service

We place our clients at the center of what we do to build long-term relationships based on a solid foundation of our innovative and customized solutions.  Our team is dedicated to offering superb customer service catering to your needs.